Loan Onboard Process

Follow These Steps
Submission Worksheet

Please complete this document with every loan submission to Covey Financial.

Escrow Calculation

An often overlooked and very important item for Covey Financial is to correctly calculate the escrow payment. We provide a helpful excel template to assist lenders’ calculate the correct escrow payment. 

Borrower Information and Servicer Disclosures

Please insert these forms into the closing package. They are very helpful to us and the borrower. 

Gather executed loan docs

We retain a copy of the closing documents. We often have to refer to them and must ensure the loan is correctly set up in our system. 

Gather property insurance information

Please send us a copy of the insurance policy.

Gather and share other escrow items

If there are items to be paid out of escrow, please share those details with us. Examples would be: insurance policy, tax statement(s), other statements (HOA, Pest, …etc.)

We must know the amount to pay, when to pay, and any reference number. 

Deliver all items above to Covey Financial

Remit all the above items to Covey Financial via email or dropbox

Lender Onboard Forms

Escrow 24 month forecast

New Lender Checklist

CF New Loan Setup 2023