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Our best option! Borrowers may access their online account 24/7. It's very informative and provides easy payment options (see disclosures below).

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Mortgage Assistance Programs

Please select your State and apply directly with the Homeowner Assistance Fund available in your local community.


Free Payment Options:
Mailing a check or money order to our mailing address
A recurring automatic draft with your checking account
You can create a payment schedule online
Payment options with a fee:
One-time payment online with your checking account
USIO, our online payment provider, charges a fee to process a one time online payment via e check. The total fee is $0.35 and Covey Financial receives no part of this fee.
Payment with your Debit Card
USIO is a third party payment processing company that charges a fee for all transactions they process on our behalf. USIO adds a 2.9% fee plus $0.30 to process all debit card transactions. Covey Financial receives no part of the USIO fee(s). If you are making a payment online, please be sure that you have enough money in your account to make your payment plus USIO’s processing fee.
* We recommend not making payments with your debit card because it is vastly more expensive than other options we have. If you need help connecting your bank account, please reach out to Covey Financial for help. *
Dishonored Payment Fee

Please enter your payment details carefully. We charge a $25 fee as a return item charge which includes, but is not limited to, returns due to insufficient funds.

Legal Disclosure

View our state licenses and state specific disclosures

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